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5 Ways Owning Your Home Can Be Cheaper Than Renting

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How to Save Money When Selling an Investment Property Investing in Real Estate Series — Week 6 Have you ever thought about owning an investment property? Then this series is for you!  I’m covering everything to know when it comes to investing in real estate, including the different options out there and how to make […]

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Marketing Your Home to Sell Quickly and Profitably  Love Selling Your Home – Week 5 This is the fifth article in the series called, Love Selling Your Home: How to Sell Your Home for the Most Money Possible, with the Least Amount of Hassle. This series takes you through the entire home-selling process — from […]

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How to Get Your Home In Show-Shape Quickly, Cheaply and Easily With a little elbow grease in just the right places, you’ll get your home looking its best when you list it.  Here is a quick and easy guide to get your home ready for buyers so that it shines both inside and out. Curb […]

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Q and A: The 3 Questions Most Asked by Past Clients I believe my job doesn’t end at the settlement table, and I want to be your resource for all things real estate related even after you move into your first home.  Below are the questions asked most by past clients who have bought a […]

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Hi, I’m Rose Voorhees and I love helping first time homebuyers in Seattle make buying their first home more affordable. Let me show you how! 

Having lived and worked in Seattle for over a decade, I am passionate about making homeownership accessible to the people responsible for this city's valuable culture and community. 

For that reason, I work with first time homebuyers to help them build wealth and stability in a city where rent continually prices out the very people who built it.

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